AI Cover Song and AI singing is another ability from AI (Artificial Intelligence). Because it can change the voice of another person, with these Thai and international singing AI clips going viral in the TikTok application, Thairath Online has brought a way to make AI singsIt’s easy to deposit as follows:

What is AI Cover Singing?

AI Cover or AI Singing is bringing the voices of actors, celebrities or famous people around the world. come to cover famous songs, such as bringing the voices of famous politicians to cover the song Ban Ticket Which has more than 20 million views (click to watch), or the voice of the cartoon character Chowder (Chowder) to cover the saliva song with more than 7 million views (click to watch) has become another catchy version. Many people by default

Giving away 5 websites AI singing, covering famous songs

Web Covers Ai creates music by being able to upload the songs you like. or songs that the website has to offer Which must fill in the email and press to agree to the terms first It will then send you an email notification that the song has finished. and can be downloaded immediately

web AI singsEasy to use, convert audio cover for free. The advantage of this website is You can choose to add audio from the file. You can start recording yourself or enter a YouTube link as well. You can also choose to remove instrument sounds as well. As for anyone who wants AI to compose music, they can enter the text that they want to compose.

Another website that creates singing voices with AI that has advantages is You can choose from the available models such as AI Kratos Model, AI Ariana Model, AI Drizzy Model. There are also many categories to choose from, such as Anime Cartoon or Korean. However, this site requires login to use.

web AI Cover that is popular abroad because there are various service packages since free account Account upgrade to creator and pro upgrade accounts in the process of creating a song You can choose from more than 6 styles and customize the music as you like.

Finally, with an AI-powered music cover website that is easy to use. If successfully logged in, credits will be given. in order to exchange for the model of the desired vocal model The original model’s voice has a variety of styles, including singers, cartoons, and politicians as well.

Teach how to make an AI Cover. Sing a simple song. within a few steps

Many people wonder how AI Cover works. Thai Rath Online gives away.How to make an AI singEasy to post on TikTok or other social media as follows

1. Click on the AI ​​Cover website, select the desired song. in which there must be only one singing voice
2. Then press to select the desired sound to sing that song.
3. Press to convert the song, then press download immediately.

However, some websites may have different restrictions or conditions, for example, if choosing the desired singer’s voice. May need to upgrade account to paid version. Or some websites may limit the length of the song to 2 minutes, it is recommended to use it as appropriate.

except AI Cover Song or AI singing, AI is also used to draw pictures, AI composing songs, AI imitating the voice as an acquaintance Although these artificial intelligences represent technological advancements, But discretion is advised when watching and listening. Because AI may be used to deceive and cause negative effects instead

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